Friday, April 6, 2018

8 Solutions for Changing the Face of Your Wall Art

Our article (see video) for today will look at the various forms of wall art and ideas to create or change the look of your home or office decor through art in its many forms. While the art your choose to display in your home or office setting is subjective there many possibilities that exist to create a more satisfying visual offering.

1. Canvas Art. The most commonly found wall art for the home  comes in many shapes and forms. Wood framed canvas works are obvious but variations exist such as wide width art that do not require framing. Also, panel canvas that fit flush within the frame, and even watercolors on canvas are available options.  

2. Art on Paper. This covers many existing forms everything including popular posters and prints featuring pop culture and traditional  landscapes and portraits. Also, watercolor art on paper, acrylic art and drawings on paper are available choices as well. Other forms include giclee and lithograph prints being the most common prints on paper.

3. Tapestries. One of the older forms of wall art and (also considered to be wall murals),  come in traditional mediums as woven cotton and or wool to the more modern versions and much lower cost medium of printed tapestries on polyester.

4. Sticker Art.  Stickers in recent years have become a very popular medium found in the home. Tapestries can come in small and medium sizes to full wall murals typically made of a vinyl medium.  Tapestries come in a myriad of subject matter from traditional landscapes to words and phrases, three dimensional art and even cartoons or children's art.

5. Lenticular Art. More commonly known as three dimensional art most typically found on paper or printed canvas.

6. Sculpture. Popular as a form of wall art encompass many mediums from metal and wood works to clay or  synthetic mediums.

7. Mixed media. This medium covers a slew of art styles and possibilities combining various mediums together to create art.

8. Wall Murals. Artworks painted directly to existing walls can be very effective and offers dramatic possibilities.

In overview, wall art and home decor possibilities are almost endless in variation. As artists seek new avenues of expression so should the forms and mediums that can be expressed in ones home. With imagination and awareness of some the basic guidelines of decor there can be a greater opportunity for personal expression for those so inclined.

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