Thursday, May 31, 2018

Never Quit Drawing

Never Quit Drawing Never Quit Drawing Book
Every artist knows that one of the great struggles of art is to maintain constant creativity and inspiration. So how do you create the drawing habit- How do you make it a daily part of your life- How do you overcome disappointments-The key is in developing creative habits that become a part of your artistic practice. Never Quit Drawing is an inspired call to action for artists everywhere. Each chapter offers inspiration for turning drawing techniques and skills into lasting, daily habits for the creative life.Renowned artist Kerby Rosanes knows the high level of energy and creativity it takes to create unique and inspired artwork on a consistent basis. Daily practice is an integral part of mastering drawing and sketching. Never Quit Drawing will inspire you to commit to your art, picking up your sketching pencil and building those creative habits that will take your art to the next level.Author: Kerby Rosanes144pp., 8.75x9.75 FlexiboundISBN: 9781631061165

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Tortillions small pack of 12 Tortillions small pack of 12
Every pencil artist needs tortillions! Why struggle with blending? Tortillions are soft paper, tightly wound and pointed on one end and used for blending and shading, with pencil, charcoal, and pastel mediums

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Face Off: How To Draw Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits

Face Off: How To Draw Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits Face Off: How To Draw Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits Face Off: How To Draw Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits Face Off
This authoritative guide to the art of comic portrait drawing provides easy-to-learn techniques and 30 step-by-step demonstrations that make drawing caricatures fun and easy.Inside you'll learn to draw specific features for the front, and profile views, as well as how to color your art. 
There's even a gallery of celebrity portraits for inspiration. 
Author: Harry Hamernik Format: paperback, 128 pgs., 8 1/2 in. x 11 in.Publisher: Impact, 2006

Monday, May 28, 2018

Studio Graphite Sketch Pencils

Studio Graphite Sketch Pencils graphite sketch set of 6 Studio Graphite Sketch Pencils graphite sketch set of 6
The Faber-Castell Studio Graphite Pencils are versatile pencils for art and drafting. They are an excellent value for art students and aspiring artist alike. Made from finely ground graphite and clay for smooth, consistent lay-down; these pencils feature -SV- bonded, break resistant leads that ensure their long lasting quality.
The Studio Graphite Sketch set includes 6 graphite sketch pencils (2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), a metal sharpener, and a dust, PVC, and latex-free eraser.The Graphite Sketch Pencils set features 6 graphite sketch pencils (2H, HB, B, 4B, 6B) in a metal tin.
Visit the link below for more details, other available  sets  and ordering info.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sketch Book

Art Book ONE Sketch Books hardbound 4 in. x 6 in. 100 sheets Art Book ONE Sketch Books hardbound 4 in. x 6 in. 100 sheets
These ONE Art Books feature a textured canvas-finish black cover. This essential sketchbook for students has smudge resistant 67-pound drawing paper. Available in either hard or wire binding.
Various sizes available visit the link for details.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

How to Draw Cartoons Kit

How to Draw Cartoons Kit each How to Draw Cartoons Kit 
The How to Draw Cartoons Kit contains 2 books by Mathew Luhn, Story Artist / Animator at Pixar Animation Studios - How to Draw Cartoons (32 pages), and How to Draw Cartoon Perspective (32 pages).
This Kit also contains 1 Jumbo Cartooning Pencil, 1 Layout Soft Drawing Pencil, 1 Drawing Pencil 3B, 8 Color Pencils, 1 Factis White Artist Eraser, 1 Little Red All-Art Sharpener, and 1 Bonus Sketch Book for Sketching your own characters

Friday, May 25, 2018

Figure it Out - Book

Figure It Out Figure It Out 
Chris Hart has a head for figures - human figures, that is. Not only does he draw them with incredible style and flair, he also has a friendly, accessible teaching style that makes his how-to books super-sellers. 
In this unique figure-drawing course, Chris avoids the usual anatomy lessons that intimidate aspiring artists and gets right down to the basics young illustrators need to get started. 
Starting with heads and facial expressions, he moves on to full figures, male and female, ideal and average, some in fashion poses and others in dynamic action. 
On every page, his practical advice and clear examples will help readers achieve terrific results - and have fun every step of the way.
Author: Christopher Hart144pp.,8.44x11 paperbackISBN: 9781933027807

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Complete Guide to Drawing Animals - Book

Complete Guide to Drawing Animals Complete Guide to Drawing Animals 
A complete course, packed with instruction and profusely illustrated, this reference book provides expert guidance on all aspects of drawing animals, including size, proportion, perspective, anatomy, skeletal structure, and musculature. 
The guide provides numerous detailed diagrams for mastering specific techniques and forms, as well as for completing drawings in a range of styles and rendered in a variety of different media, including pencil, charcoal, pastels, and inks. 
A menagerie of animals are featured, from dogs, horses, and cats to tigers, elephants, camels, and apes, enabling artists to capture their essence. Author: Gottfried Bammes240pp., 8.25x11.5 paperbackISBN: 9781844489213

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Portrait Drawing Book

Portrait Drawing  book Portrait Drawing Portrait Drawing
This title, part of The Artist's Painting Library, is a step-by-step art instruction book. It features instructions on how to draw male and female portraits and provides tips on techniques, tools, form and proportion, light, and shadow. Featured are 10 step-by-step demonstrations and over 175 black-and-white illustrations. Paperback, 80 pages. ISBN 823040941 Watson-Guptill

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Draw Magical Monsters

How to Draw Magical Monstrous & Mythological Creatures How to Draw Magical Monstrous & Mythological Creatures 
This book is for artistic tweens who dream about the magical, mystical, and darker side of things. Starting with an introduction to various drawing tools and techniques, the goth-inspired title will have entusiastic young artists learning to draw their favorite creatures and beasts across three categories, including Magical Characters, Mythological Creatures, and Monsters. 
Additionally, charater history, folklore, legends, fun facts, and trivia add to this fantastic experience. Authors: Bob Berry and Merrie Destefano. Publisher: Walter Foster, 2011.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil

Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil each Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil 
This book features everything beginners need for success with traditional and watercolor pencils. It includes over 30 easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations. 
The popular handbook-sized spiral-bound format makes this an easy-to-use reference. A bonus DVD features a complete colored pencil workshop with the author.Author: Gary GreeneISBN: 9781600613913Publisher: North Light, 2010

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Comic-Manga Sketch Pad spiral 80 sheets 8 1 2 in. x 11 in.

Comic-Manga Sketch Pad spiral 80 sheets 8 1 2 in. x 11 in. Comic-Manga Sketch Pad spiral 80 sheets 8 1 2 in. x 11 in.
Take your comic ideas from concept to reality with Canson-s Comic/Manga Sketch Pad. Canson-s premium sketch paper is designed for conceptualizing ideas in pencil, pen, charcoal, and pastels and erases cleanly.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Kit

Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Kit set of 8 Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Kit set of 8
Start with quality This Pigma Sensei drawing set includes everything you need to illustrate in Manga style-- mechanical pencil, quality Pigma black ink, and a variety of nib sizes to give the ink life. Beginners and seasoned artists alike will enjoy the freedom to select a tip size that suits their style: fine lines for facial expressions, lettering Manga phrases, and detailing images, or bold lines to add impact and drama. Toss the Pigma Sensei kit in your bag and never miss the opportunity to sketch again.
 The kit includes: 0.7 fixed-sleeve mechanical pencil, .30mm ultra fine tip pigma sensei pen, .40mm plastic tip pigma sensei pen, .60mm bullet tip pigma sensei pen, 1.0 mm bold tip pigma sensei pen, and 3 chisel point pens 1.0mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Perspective Drawing - Book

Perspective Drawing each Perspective Drawing - Book
Perspective Drawing guides students through a detailed training course with lessons that explore the fundamentals of the illusion of depth and distance. Separate lessons focus on interiors, exteriors, town squares, roads, rivers, and wide landscapes with distant horizons. 
The Drawing Academy line of books emphasizes learning by doing. With its -Sketchbook- section following each lessons students are encouraged to experiment and push the limits of their imaginations with what they have learned. This guide includes color and black and white photos and illustrations on every page.
Visit the link below for more details on this book.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Zen Coloring Books Mandalas Book

Zen Coloring Books Mandalas book Zen Coloring Books Mandalas Book
Relax into the creative world of coloring. Containing a beautiful and diverse collection of illustrations, this fantastic book will allow the artist within you to shine. 
You can make your finished artworks as simple or as complex as you like - whichever you choose, you'll be astounded by the results.96pp. 8.2x11.6

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Manga to the Max Series dragons book

Manga to the Max Series dragons Manga to the Max Series Dragons Book
Part coloring book, part drawing lesson, part sketchbook, and part story, Manga to the Max Series takes you inside a futuristic world-building adventure and shows you how to bring that world to life. Inside you'll find 32 pages of awesome characters to color and create, each with its own distinct storyline introduced on the flip side of the coloring page. 
Stunning full color examples are provided to get you started, along with an expert guide to crafting, drawing, and detailing your own unique manga characters. Printed on high-quality, extra-thick paper, all of the pages are perforated for easy removal and display.88pp.,8.5x10.875 paperback

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DragonArt Book

DragonArt DragonArt DragonArt Book
From the artist behind the wildly popular, DragonArt will help you create mythical beasts that awe, delight, and disturb the sweet dreams of little ones. Armed only with your trusty pencil and ink pen, you will begin your artistic quest by conquering a super-easy dragon that even the densest of wyvern could draw.
Because dragons enjoy having others around to terrorize, disembowel and occasionally hang out with, this book will also teach you how you to populate your alternate universe with a whole cast of fantastic creatures, including mythical griffins, guardian gargoyles and deadly basilisks. 
All this within the curiously compelling, beautifully beastly, and brightly colored pages you will soon hold in your hands, which by now are no doubt trembling with keen anticipation.Paperback book measures 8 1/2 in. x 11 in., 128 pages. Impact Books, 2005. ISBN: 1581806574

Monday, May 14, 2018

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces - Book

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces 
With this book, artist will learn how to master proportions and map facial features accurately. They will also learn about composition and how to draw realistically within the space using tone and value to heighten the realism. This book features step-by-step instructions throughout the exercises.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Drawing Manga Poses: Illustrating Common Scenarios - IMPACT Books

Drawing Manga Poses: Illustrating Common Scenarios - IMPACT Books: Whether it's eating, reading, standing, talking or any other everyday scenario, breaking down the basics is important when drawing manga poses.

Keys to Drawing - Book

Keys to Drawing Keys to Drawing 
Bert Dodson's successful method of "teaching anyone who can hold a pencil" how to draw has made this tome one of the most popular, best-selling art books in history - an essential reference for every artist's libraryDodson offers a complete system for developing drawing skills, basing his approach on 55 "keys" to drawing - rules that don't need to be memorized, but realized. 
Dodson helps artists learn to trust their eyes and sharpen their observation skills through 48 practice exercies, reviews, and self-evaluations. Topics include learning to control proportion, scale, movement, depth, pattern and moreAuthor: Bert Dodson224pp.,8.5x11 paperbackISBN: 9780891343370

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kids Draw Anime Book

Kids Draw Anime Kids Draw Anime Kids Draw Anime Book
The eighth book in the popular Kids Draw series, this is the first book specifically designed to teach kids ages 6-12 how to draw the popular anime style themselves. Focusing on shojo-and shonen-style anime, the book teaches the familiar "big eye" look, in which characters are drawn cute and young as opposed to the angular, dramatic characters of adult-oriented styles. 250 illustrations, 50 in full color. By Christopher Hart. Paperback 64 pages, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. March 2003. ISBN 0823026906

Friday, May 11, 2018

Diego Rivera Painting Sells for $9.76 M., New Record for Latin American Art at Auction, in Christie's Second Rockefeller Sale -

Diego Rivera Painting Sells for $9.76 M., New Record for Latin American Art at Auction, in Christie's Second Rockefeller Sale -

Drawing Dynamic Hands Book

Drawing Dynamic Hands Drawing Dynamic Hands Drawing Dynamic Hands 
This is an essential reference book for every professional artist, illustrator, art student or serious amateur who draws the human form. Noted artist and teacher Burne Hogarth presents the most comprehensive book ever published on drawing human hands. 
This latest volume of his famous series of drawing books presents, in over 300 illustrations, a revolutionary system for visualizing the hand in an almost infinite of positions from a multitude of angles. Paperback, 144 pages. ISBN 823013685 Watson-Guptill

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cybergirl Javier DVD

Cybergirl Javier DVD Cybergirl Javier DVD 
This Airbrush Action DVD presents a step-by-step presentation on Javier Soto-s Cyber Girl, with instruction in master chrome, rendering flesh tones, creating dynamic 3-D graphics, learning to weather an object, and much more Runtime: 73 minutes

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Modern Cartooning Book

Modern Cartooning Modern Cartooning Book
With a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to cartooning, Hart shows readers basic tips for creating a cast of the most hilarious, outrageous characters inspired by today's cartoons. 
Chock full of tips, hints, step-by-step illustrations and the tools artist need to let their imaginations run wild.
Author: Christopher Hart160pp., 8 1/2x10 7/8 paperbackISBN: 9780823007141

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How to Draw Surface & Textures - Book

How to Draw Surface & Textures each How to Draw Surface & Textures each
With detailed, step-by-step instructions for drawing chrome, feathers, fur, gemstones, water droplets, wood, and more, this stunning book gives his devoted fans deeper insight into Pereznieto's techniques.Author: Leonardo Pereznieto144pp., 8.5x11 paperbackISBN: 9781936096961

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing - Book

The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing 
The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing features all of the basic information you need to get started in this versatile and approachable medium. From selecting and handling pencils and choosing paper and supports to understanding color theory, learning pencil strokes, and layering color to create depth and form. 
The book is brimming with valuable instruction and helpful tips and techniques for mastering working with colored pencil. Discover uses for a variety of colored-pencil techniques, such as hatching, crosshatching, stippling, burnishing, and blending. Learn valuable tips and tricks for drawing from photographs, setting up balanced compositions, and working with light sources, as well as capturing the beauty of the natural world by creating realistic textures and expressing time of day and mood. Authors: Cynthia Knox, Eileen Sorg & Debra Kauffman Yaun144pp., 7.75x11.67 paperbackISBN: 9781600583377

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Monster Book of Manga

The Monster Book of Manga: Draw Like the Experts The Monster Book of Manga The Monster Book of Manga: Draw Like the Experts The Monster Book of Manga
From comic illustration Studio Joso comes the ultimate guide on how to draw manga. The Monster Book of Manga is divided into sections focusing on the most popular manga figures and themes-Girls, Boys, Samurai, Monsters, and Computer. 
Each illustration is broken down into six stages accompanied by step-by-step instructions, taking the artist from an initial black-and-white sketch to the final color piece. 
They're also accompanied by practical suggestions, hints, and tips.From beginner to advanced, this monster-size manual is the must-have book for anyone interested in learning how to draw manga.
Book specifications: paperback, 378 pgs., 8 1/2 in. x 9 1/2 in.Publisher: HarperCollins, 2005.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Drawing Perspective Book

Drawing Perspective Drawing Perspective Book
This hands-on guide to perspective offers an who wants to learn to draw or paint--in any genre or medium--lots of fun, practical exercises and explanations. 
You'll play with straight lines, so that learning how to draw perspective is effortless and easy. Challenge yourself with Image Quizzes, 
Perspective Chambers and more unique exercises with over 100 vanishing points to fogure out. Soon, you'll learn how to spot where those invisibel straight lines may be located. 
It will become second nature-and add depth and meaning to all of your artistic pursuits.
Author: Matthew Brehm144pp., 8.5x10 flexbindingISBN: 9781438006598

Friday, May 4, 2018

Drawing Superheroes Step by Step - Art Book

Drawing Superheroes Step by Step Book
Even beginners can successfully draw an energy-packed, superhero-style comic. Bestselling author Christopher Hart provides the basics of capturing the bold faces and chiseled physiques of these compelling characters, along with a cast of supporting figures.
 Hart's step-by-step tutorials cover everything from creating dynamic poses, expressions, and costumes to adding light and shadows in perfect layouts. The comprehensive guide will inspire both aspiring and seasoned illustrators.
Author: Christopher Hart144pp., 8.5x10 paperback w/flapsISBN: 9781942021605

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Manga Makeovers Book

Manga Makeovers each Manga Makeovers Book
Manga characters are beautiful, beguiling-and easier to draw than you think. With help from Manga Makeovers, you can take your personal photos and -Manga- every part of your world. 
Learn styles and techniques to draw, acute self-portrait, Chibi style your lunch as a bento box friend as an anti-hero with supernatural powers and much more. 
This fun-filled approach to the famous Japanese comic style will help you inject some Manga magic into your everyday life. 
Through this series of easy-to-follow exercises, sketching challenges, inspirational galleries, and scenarios, you-ll soon be drawing people, pets, things-or even yourself-Manga-style 
Author: Sonia Leong144pp., 8x10 paperbackISBN: 9781438007854

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dynamic Figure Drawing

Dynamic Figure Drawing Dynamic Figure Drawing Dynamic Figure Drawing Book
This book introduces Burne Hogarth's own revolutionary system of figure drawing--a system which makes it possible to visualize the forms of the human body from every conceivable point of view as they interlock in deep space. 
With this system you will be able to draw an incredible variety of poses, actions, and gestures without a model, and with the correct relationships between forms. 
Paperback, 176 pages. ISBN 823015777 Watson-Guptill

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Manga Crash Course Book

Manga Crash Course  book Manga Crash Course   -   Book
In Manga Crash Course, Mina and her three manga helpers guide readers through the creation of every part of a manga character. 
From drawing the smallest parts such as male eyes and female eyes, to full male and female body shapes (including Chibis all the way to adults), readers will gain confidence in their own authentic manga drawings. 
Then readers will learn how to use those skills to create full (but basic) manga scenes and invent their own unique manga characters--Know-It-All Android Space Pilot anyone.
Author: Mina Petrovic128pp., 8.25x10.88 paperbackISBN: 9781440338380