Thursday, May 3, 2018

Manga Makeovers Book

Manga Makeovers each Manga Makeovers Book
Manga characters are beautiful, beguiling-and easier to draw than you think. With help from Manga Makeovers, you can take your personal photos and -Manga- every part of your world. 
Learn styles and techniques to draw, acute self-portrait, Chibi style your lunch as a bento box friend as an anti-hero with supernatural powers and much more. 
This fun-filled approach to the famous Japanese comic style will help you inject some Manga magic into your everyday life. 
Through this series of easy-to-follow exercises, sketching challenges, inspirational galleries, and scenarios, you-ll soon be drawing people, pets, things-or even yourself-Manga-style 
Author: Sonia Leong144pp., 8x10 paperbackISBN: 9781438007854

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